Thane Municipal Corporation & Thane Smart City Limited’s DigiHobbies – A series unveiling Thane’s Top Talents’ first edition comes to a close with energetic, live performances from artists of various genres namely as Click Thane- Photography Contest, Karaoke Idol- Singing Competition, Rap To Fame – Rap Competition & Best Dancer -Dance Competition!

DigiHobbies’ remarkable interactive competitions were held in succession between March-June, 2019. These citizen engagement contests unearthed many of Thane’s hidden gems/artists by giving them a digital avenue to showcase their inner talents. Each of these unique competitions involved active participation from a large spectrum of citizens of Thane who greatly appreciated the DigiHobbies campaign. The competitions were segregated into three rounds that allowed participants to self-nominate/register themselves through an online link; post which they were asked to send in their photo or video submissions (based on the type of contest) via an online link and on a WhatsApp number. The culmination round had three distinctive awards – Judge’s decision, People’s Choice Award & Spot Prizes in each of the competitions.


Judges’ Decision

Experienced judges (Bhavin Joshi of The Clickers Photography Group, Abhay Dhumal, Chavaat Boys (for dance), MAAR-T (for rap) and Sanjay Murkutkar of Balraj Music (for singing) followed a stringent pattern of evaluation that permitted worthy contestants to progress into the Finale Round.

Click Thane Photography Contest: Bipin Panchal
Best Dancer (Below 18): Lalit Velvanshi
Best Dancer (Above 18): Madhushree Mandal
Rap To Fame Winner: Sagar Chandanshive
Rap To Fame 1st Runner Up- Soham Surve
Rap To Fame 2nd Runner Up: Priya Karande
Karaoke Idol (Below 20): Samruddhi Jadhav
Karaoke Idol (Above 20): Snehal Mayekar

People’s Choice Award

A parallel digital contest – People’s Choice Award for each of the talent contest was announced on DigiThane’s Social Media Platforms to stir up enthusiasm and the spirit of championship among the contestants and the people of Thane. Popularity & higher number of interaction/engagements on the photo/video through likes, shares and comments was crowned as a winner of the People’s Choice Award.


Best Dancer (Below 18): Aneesh Joshi
Best Dancer (Above 18): Gurushish Malhotra
Rap To Fame: Tushaar a.k.a LillyBoi
Karaoke Idol (Below 20): Samruddhi Jadhav
Karaoke Idol (Above 20): Gauri Patil
Click Thane Photography Contest: Akash Singh

Spot Prize

Spot Prizes involved audiences to participate and vote for their favorite Photographer, Singer, Rapper and Dancer during the event.


Best Dancer: Sachin Kamble
Rap To Fame: Pratik Shirke
Karaoke Idol (Below 20): Vedika Gosavi
Karaoke Idol (Above 20): Shrikant Unkule.

The Grand Finale event was graced by Shri Sameer Unhale, ADMC2 – Thane Municipal Corporation & CEO, Thane Smart City Limited where he expressed his gratitude to the participants and audience. Furthermore, Shri. Unhale felicitated the winners and urged citizen participation for many such future events/activities.

About DigiHobbies

Thane is home to some of the most talented artists in the country. To interact and bring out the best talent in the city, Thane Municipal Corporation & Thane Smart City Limited curated various digital events to engage with such gifted individuals/citizens. Numerous citizen appealing, digital activities/competitions that fall under the DigiHobbies umbrella are Click Thane- Photography Contest, Karaoke Idol- Singing Competition, Rap To Fame – Rap Competition & Best Dancer -Dance Competition.

Keeping in mind the varied Interests and Hobbies of the Citizens of Thane, Thane Municipal Corporation’s Thane Smart City limited (TSCL) & DigiThane curated a vast spectrum of engaging citizen-centric events based on skills/abilities. These events were designed under an umbrella campaign known as DigiHobbies. DigiHobbies attracted, catered and involved different citizen demographics (interest groups) of the lake city to partake in these focused events and competitions to showcase their talents.