With over hundreds of registrations and submissions, these Top 15 photographers that caught our eyes and captured our hearts with their images. Congratulations to our Finalists for freezing the Colors of Thane in an image, beautifully.

Click Thane’s Top 15 Finalists are (in random order) 
1. Tanmay Dabholkar
2.Rohit Jadhav
3.Vanita Mahajan
4.Ajinkya Sunil Bhosale
5.Shantanu Tambe
6.Akash Singh
7.Manish Desai
8.Venkatesh Surve
9.Tanvi Phadke
10.Swaraj Keluskar
11.Bipin Panchal
12.Chinmaya Halwaldar
13.Samruddhi Ravindra
14.Kuntal Biswas
15.Kalika Pande

We would also like to thank all our contestants for their keen participation and support in making DigiThane’s Click Thane Photography Contest a wide-spread success!