प्रधानमंत्री पथविक्रेता आत्मनिर्भर निधी योजना (PMSVANidhi Yojana)

Publish date:2020-08-11 12:20:54

केंद्र शासन पुरस्कृत “ पंतप्रधान पथविक्रेता आत्मनिर्भर निधी (PM SVANidhi)” योजने अंतर्गत पथविक्रेत्यांसाठी विशेष सूक्ष्म – पतपुरवठा सुविधा योजनेची अंबलबजावणी राज्यात करण्यासाठी नगर विकास विभाग, शासन निर्णय क्र. पीएमस्वनिधी/प्र.क्र.७७/नवि-२० दिनांक १७ जून २०२० अन्वये  निर्गमित करण्यात आला आहे . सदर योजना १००% केंद्र शासन पुरस्कृत आहे. योजनेचे उद्दिष्टे :  खेळते भांडवल रु.१०,००० कर्ज उपलब्ध करिता […]

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Thane Municipal Corporation FREE Rapid Antigen Test Covid19 Diagnostic Centers

Publish date:2020-07-28 16:29:09

Find a Thane Municipal Corporation’s Rapid #AntigenTest (Free) Covid-19 Center near you, click on the map coordinate link for location & directions. Timing: 10 am to 4 pm 1. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Hospital, Thane Belapur Road, Near Kalwa Agar, Thane | Google map link:https://maps.app.goo.gl/Kq91gyFdFykmzyWY8 2. C.R.Wadia Dispensary, Near Anand Dighe Office, Tembhi Naka, Thane | […]

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DigiThane’s Karaoke Idol : Terms & Conditions 2.0

Publish date:2020-06-27 19:42:58

Theme: Bollywood Songs. Age: Group 1: Below 18 years (Kids) Group 2: Above 18 years (Adults) How to Register/ Self-Nominate? An SMS from DigiThane will be sent on 30th of June, 2020 OR all Social Media platforms such as Facebook on https://www.facebook.com/DigiThaneOfficial/ Instagram account @digithane and Twitter handle @DigiThane that will contain a link to register yourself. Once […]

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List of Shops providing Essential Supply of Products/Services during Lockdown

Publish date:2020-04-02 18:43:11


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DigiThane’s #ClickThane 2.0 Photography Contest Guidelines

Publish date:2020-03-04 16:53:13

DigiThane’s Click Thane Photography Contest Guidelines Theme: #RangDeThane – Holi Entry format: Single photo/ One photograph. (per person) You can use: Any equipment to capture still photography can be used. (eg. Smart Phones, Digital Cameras) Age: No Bar Self-Nomination Period/Registration: 4th of March until 8th March, 2020 midnight. (Registrations opened). Self-Nomination/Registration link: bit.ly/320pfn Submission Period: 9th – 13th March […]

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DigiEvenings’ Open Mic Night Vocals – Rules & Regulations

Publish date:2020-02-11 19:42:47

DigiEvenings’ Open Mic Night Vocals – Rules & Regulations Managed & Promoted by DigiThane Theme: The Power of Love Songs Age: No Bar To participate in the Thane’s Open Mic Night – The Power of Love Song event one must first register online http://bit.ly/5o2m8 by midnight, 12th February 2020. All performers will get a chance to […]

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Poetry Jam Rules & Regulations

Publish date:2020-02-03 13:55:32

  *DigiEvenings presents Thane’s Open Mic Night* – Managed & Promoted by DigiThane *Rules & Regulations – Poetry Jam* To participate in the Thane’s Open Mic Night Poetry Jam one must first register online ly/39etn6 by midnight of 4th February 2020. Applicants must have a prepared solo Poetry routine. All performers will get a chance […]

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DigiEvenings-Thane’s Open Mic Night: Rules & Regulations – Standup Comedy

Publish date:2020-01-24 19:03:54

Rules & Regulations – Standup Comedy To participate in the Thane’s Open Mic Night Standup Comedy one must first register online bit.ly/2dS1b by midnight of 26th January 2020. Applicants must have a prepared solo stand-up comedy routine. Age: No Bar – DigiThane does not restrict an artist older or younger to perform his/her solo act. […]

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List of Medical Officers for Polio Ravivar-2020

Publish date:2020-01-18 20:02:57

Citizens are requested to contact their respective area medical officers from the list below in case of any difficulties in finding polio booths in the city:   Thane Municipal Corporation, Thane. Sr No UHP Name Address Name Of Medical Officer Mobile NO 1 C. R. Wadia Dispensary C. R. Wadia Dispensary, Tembhi Naka,Opp Anand Dhighe […]

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Road Safety Life Safety – Traffic Awareness Program 2020 Schedule

Publish date:2020-01-11 16:09:31

Road Safety – Life Safety 11 to 22 January 2020 Saturday 11/01/2020 6.00pm onwards Korum Mall, Thane Flash Mob Show Sunday 12/01/2020 6.00pm onwards Viviana Mall, Thane Flash Mob Show Monday 13/01/2020 6.00pm onwards Gadkari Rangayatan Natyagruha, Thane Inaugration Tuesday 14/01/2020 10.00am to 1.00pm Siddhi Hall, Thane Bus Driver Seminar Wednesday 15/01/2020 2.00pm to 4.00pm […]

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List of Top 50 Finalists for DigiThane’s Home Ganesha Contest

Publish date:2019-09-06 15:55:16

With over hundreds of registrations and submissions, these Top 50 photos/videos caught our eyes and captured our hearts with their images. Congratulations to our Finalists! DigiThane’s Home Ganesha Contest Top 50  Finalists are: Amol Rajendra Pardeshi Anita Kaulgad Anup Surve Ashok Alhate Ashutosh Rai Ashwin Jain Atul Sakhare Avanee Padmakar Gade Bharat Koli Bhushan Sawant […]

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DigiThane’s Home Ganesha Contest – Rules & Regulations

Publish date:2019-09-06 14:39:38

DigiThane’s Best Home Ganpati Idol – Rules & Regulations How to Register/ Self-Nominate? An SMS from DigiThane will be sent on 28th of August, 2019 & all Social Media platforms such as Facebook on https://www.facebook.com/DigiThaneOfficial/ Instagram account @digithane and Twitter handle @DigiThane that will contain a link to register yourself. Once you have registered, you […]

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Liberty Foods Special Ganeshostav Discount Rates

Publish date:2019-09-03 17:48:34

Liberty Foods  Prices Product  Rate Per/Kg  DryFruit Kachori 180 Special Kachori 160 New Satranj Waffers (Batata) 240 LalBag Makai Chiwda 160 LalBag Patal Poha Chiwda 160 Shetty’s Banana Chips (Double Fried) 280 Aditi Special Bhajani Chakli 180 Aditi Makai Chakli Sticks 180 Thikat Shev 160 Besan Ladu (Container Packing) 260 Rava Ladu (Container Packing) 270 […]

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List of Sweetmeats & Dry-Fruit Stores in Thane

Publish date:2019-08-31 15:53:18

Sr.No Name Location Contact No 1 Prashant Corner Shop No. 17, & 18, Gagangiri Society,, Panch Pakhadi 2540 5879 2 Prashant Corner Shop No. 11, 12, Ashar Infinity, Pokharan Road Number 2, Tulsi Dham, Samata Nagar, 2171 5997 3 Krishna Bengali Sweets Shop No. 3, Sonal Apartment, Opp. Vandana Society, Naupada 2540 6504 4 Krishna Sweets […]

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Trained Professionals, Staff within Thane looking for vacancies

Publish date:2019-08-26 17:13:42

The Thane Municipal Corporation takes the National Rural Livelihood Mission (NULM) earnestly and hence through its Social Welfare Department (SWD) promotes advanced courses in banking, accounting, grooming, nursing & others to Thane students in order to uplift their socio-economic situations and empower them with education & employment. TMC’s SWD renders these varied skilled courses that […]

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