Vacuum Cleaner

Ghantali Road | Ram Ganesh Gadkari Rangayatan
Start at: 24-01-2020 4:30

This funny Marathi play revolves around a well-to-do mid-aged couple – Ranjan & Naina. Ranjan is a business tycoon while Naina has always been a homemaker. The couple in their 28 years of marriage have had two children – Parikshit and Priyanka. Their (Ranjan & Naina’s) daughter is married to Shakti who works along with Ranjan in the same business. Ranjan & Naina has always lived a sugar-coated life, however their life together is far from being the ideal couple due to their battles in order to sustain financial stability and domestic peace. Their sour relationship has lead them to take each other for granted; until one day a strange incident twists their fates and forces them to step into one another shoes.

ADDRESS: Gadkari Rangayatan, Ghantali, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra, India
0222536 2165