About Us

DigiThane is an online platform that aims to improve and personalise communication about municipal services between the Thane Municipal Corporation and residents of Thane.
DigiThane gives citizens access to personalized municipal information and services by e-mail, text message, app, or website. Based on information such as age, place of residence, and personally selected preferences, the platform provides residents with location-based updates and alerts about everything from road work to nearby parking spots, hospitals etc. Aside from infrastructure alerts, DigiThane also seeks to improve urban life by, for instance, sending reminders for school registration or cultural events taking place in the city.
The platform allows for two-way communication, so residents are able to report service issues to the city as well as carry out activities such as bill-paying and applying for various permits. It intends to support the local economy by encouraging the use of local services, for example, alerting residents of last minute deals on tickets for theaters in Thane.
DigiThane is thus bringing together the Thane Municipal Corporation, the Local Business of Thane and the Citizens onto the same platform to ensure an ecosystem that improves the quality of living in the lake city of Thane.